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" Very dynamically played.
His playing is quite musical and
technically really adept.
I was really impressed.
I had a good time
listening to him."

- David Tanenbaum
Guitar Department Chair
San Francisco Conservatory of Music

" ...played with
assured phrasing,
responsive dynamics, and
an emotive pallette
ranging from
minikin delicacy
to volcanic fury. "

- Ellis, American Record Guide
on Florante's recording of
New Music For Four Guitars

"He can deliver notes
to the most virtuosic pieces
with ease and comfort all while
making a very musical statement .
He is among the very best !"

Lawrence Ferrara
Guitar Faculty
San Francisco Conservatory of Music


Florante Aguilar
1. Inquirer Global Nation 08/12/09
FilAms Search for Surviving Haranistas
By Dyna Lopez
Florante Aguilar
2. Filipinas Magazine Article 07/09
Escape to 'Lalawigan'
by Raymond Virata
Florante Aguilar
3. Philippine News 07/10/09
Concert Review: 'Harana Sa Intramuros' Duo Concert
with Michael Dadap

by Penelope Flores
Florante Aguilar
4. Filipinas Magazine Cover Feature
October 2007
Florante Aguilar - Reviving the Harana

by Julie Oxendale
Florante Aguilar
5. Philippine News
November 21, 2007
When a duet delights, the result is ‘Paraiso’
by Allen Gaborro
Florante Aguilar
6. Asian Week
May 18, 2007

Serenading the Masses
by Annabelle Udo
Florante Aguilar
7. UCSF Daybreak - Artists Among Us
July 13, 1998

Florante Aguilar - The Spirit Soars
by Nina Beckwith
Florante Aguilar
1. Ramen House -
The Guy wiith the Guitar
Florante Aguilar
2. Market Manila -
Florante Aguilar
3. A Place to Work, Nothing Fancy -
Art of Harana on the Radio